Taher Shah taking Pakistan by the storm

There is always something or the other trending in Pakistan. Before a certain event or incident goes viral, it usually starts storming over social media and goes all the way up to make the headline of national news. A recent such news that made headlines not only in Pakistan but across the border as well, is that of Tahir Shah’s new song release “Angel”.

The business man turn singer/music composer and director became very popular with his first release “Eye to Eye” which was an unconventional idea. He was appreciated for his courage and self-confidence by the entire country back in 2013. After three years of wait, Taher Shah is back with “Angel” which is again a very daring move. He was invited for interviews by the media again after his new song released.

The music video not only featured Taher Shah himself, but also his little son dressed up as an angel like his father. The video went viral in minutes and if you still haven’t seen it, you must now. You will definitely have a good time enjoying every bit of it. People have made many guesses on where the video has been shot and the most common answer is Karachi. The real location still remains a mystery as Taher Shah refused to disclose it.

Let us know what you think about Taher Shah, his song and his daring moves. We would love to read your comments.