About Us

Meanwhile in Pakistan is an e-zine portal dedicated to bring you the positive side of Pakistan and Pakistanis across the globe as a nation. We believe that there is more to Pakistan than what the world has seen and we work with the mantra: Positivity is contagious. Our mantra is what drives us and we believe that it is the general driving force among average Pakistanis. We believe in collaborative evolution and prosperity for Pakistanis across the globe and strive to bind our nation together one article at a time.

We bring you the best of the Pakistan from holiday spots to shopping complexes and from books to people lifting up the Pakistani morale wherever in the world they may be. We believe Pakistan lives in all of us where ever we may go the smell of this soil and the values we carry in ourselves is what makes each and every one a mini-Pakistani in ourselves. This is our gift to the people of Pakistan and the great places, literature, culture, cuisines and personalities we believe should be celebrated time and again. Let us all work to build a better Pakistan for our generations to come and for our inner peace.

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