4 Interesting Small Hotel Promotions To Boost Revenue

Promoting hotels has always remained a challenge for small hotel owners!

It doesn’t matter you own a small hotel in Karachi (a metro city) or in a small city like Sahiwal or Sheikhupura. It becomes tougher when you are doing it all alone. Without effective promotion you can certainly not boost your revenue which means ‘end of the story’.

Here you will find four tested and proven ideas of promotion to help boosting revenue.

Seasonal Promotions of Your Hotel

Certainly this is not rocket science. Even if you are a small hotel, you can and you should offer seasonal hotels deals along with special discounts in low seasons. In Pakistan, the off seasons are between January to April and from August to November generally.

Tip: Do not offer discounts with ‘one size fits all’. Offering customized deals and discounts is a god option because there will be different type of travelers such as corporate travelers, sales reps, and other regular clients. This will help you to cater a larger chunk.

Offering Packages

If you are lucky enough to own a hotel in Murree, Swat, Naran kind of beautiful places, ‘Packages’ is important for you. These destinations see plenty of honeymoon couples or recreational visits. People love coming back again and again. Offering them packages such as transportation facility, shuttle service etc. can increase the sales volume per transaction which means a step further towards increased revenue.

Reward Your Guests

Rewarding you guests is the key to make you them remember you.  A token of love and care will never make them forget you. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. Even a traditional gift of your city will be too much for them.

Retain Your Existing Guests by Your Good Gesture

Getting new guests can be 3 times more difficult than retaining the existing one. Focus on retaining the existing guests. Your good gesture will make them your promoter in their social circle. Do record the names of guests who were friendly enough to be given a courtesy call after they have left your hotel and reached their hometown. This will work as an add-on. To retain and keep your guests happy, you do not need to be a brand name like Dream world Karachi or Regent Plaza. Focus on small things which are valuable to people.

Try using these simple yet tested techniques to make your customers your promoters and they will lead you to higher revenues.