With great moustache comes great responsibility

With great moustache comes great responsibility

Historically great men have had iconic moustaches but so have some of the most destructive ideas came from men while stroking their moustaches.

Stalin and Hitler

Other than being dictators and committing genocides they had something else in common – their infamous moustaches. Hitler wore a thick moustache, shaved to be about an inch wide in the centre where as Stalin had a large, bushy, droopy moustache that hangs down over the lips, often entirely covering the upper lip.










Here in Pakistan we also had our fair share of villains with their notorious moustaches.

Asif Ali Zardari’s moustaches have really been with him through thick and thin.

Well he is not the only politician with a moustache. Altaf Hussain left Pakistan but could not let go of the moustache

And the list goes on

Gullu Butt, the famous goon of PML Nawaz who came to the spot light for vandalising in Model town Lahore. There was even an app for android with the tag line

“Unleash the Gullu Butt in You”. What more the word “Gullu” gained plenty fame to pave its way the Oxford Dictionary as a term defining a disruptive behavior of someone enjoying, who enjoys backing of the ruling/powerful segments of society.

It is Mr Afridi who really lived up to this great quote “much nahe tou kuch nahe”. Although he recieved great admiration for his moustache he faced serious criticism for it as well leading to death threats and was even kidnapped.

“Where there are villans, there will be heroes. Just wait. They will come…” – Brandon Sanerson

Super heroes don’t have facial hair but real life heroes do. Our heroes vary from our founding fathers to cricketers and actors.

Who can forget Arshad Khan aka chai wala who became an overnight sensation due to his astonishing looks.

Recently a few Pakistani actors have joined the league and are growing moustache like never before.

Javed Miandad the great cricketer was equally famous for his trademark voice and moustache

It is believed that an average man touches his moustache 760 times every 24 hours. But of course Einstein was no ordinary man nor was his moustache.

Allama Iqbal the great philosopher and our founding father very proudly wore a handle bar moustache. One can imagine how many times he would have stroked his moustache dreaming about a nation. Sadly this is not the Pakistan he dreamt of.

General Raheel Shareef will be remembered as one of the most successful generals of Pakistan. During his three year tenure from 29 November 2013 until his retirement on 29 November 2016 he brought great stability in Pakistan with great successes through Zarb e azab. He was able to bring back the pride in Pakistan Army.