7 Quick Facebook Marketing Tips For 3 Star Hotels


Are you a 3 star hotel in Islamabad or in any other small city experiencing average or below average sales? Do not have healthy marketing budget like 5 star hotels?

Getting worried is understandable. Have you thought of trying any alternate marketing techniques to improve sales? I know you may find budget constraints but there is one way you can try to increase revenue while staying in budget.

I am talking about digital marketing.

Digital marketing is one such domain which enables small hotels to try promoting their business without spending a lot. Unfortunately many 3 star hotel owners are completely unaware how to effectively use this medium.

Let us start from Facebook, the most popular social media platform in Pakistan.

Facebook for 3 Star Hotels

According to Facebook audience insights, there are 20-25 million active users in Pakistan.  The distribution city wise is like this:

Lahore 21%

Karachi 19%

Islamabad 15%

Peshawar 5%

Rawalpindi 4%

Faisalabad 4%

Multan 3%

Note: Facebook audience insight tool shows data of active users over past 30 days. The data may very time to time.

 7 quick tips for 3 star hotels to do Facebook marketing are:

  1. Post regularly on your Business Page
  2. Post high quality images and good videos
  3. Do respond to comments
  4. Test and explore appropriate timings to post for maximum engagement
  5. Check out from which cities you are getting most visitors? Use little Facebook paid advertising targeting those cities
  6. Do mention your guests on your Facebook business page with their permission
  7. Do request your guests to recommend/rate you on your Facebook business page

3 star hotels in Faisalabad, Multan and other small cities might have less or no exposure to social media marketing yet. If you are one such hotel owner, you can hire freelancers from cities like Karachi and Lahore to help you out.

Fortunately there are decent university grads that are learned and have great exposure to social media marketing.


Spending on marketing is still a great challenge for small hotel owners.

Unfortunately there are no plenty of option. However the options available can create a substantial impact itself.

You don’t need to be a big hotel brand like Dream World Karachi or Regent Plaza Karachi to increase revenue further. With help of digital marketing you can still successfully increase your revenue up to a decent level.