An extraordinary journey around the world – Murad Osmann

In a time when information is at the tip of our fingers and only a click away, one would think the only way to break away from conformism with regard to experiences would be through traveling. And that is exactly the approach Murad Osmann has taken.

Murad & Nataly at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany
Murad & Nataly at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany

For those of you who don’t know, Osmann gained a healthy following on his social accounts through the very famous “guided around the world with his girlfriend” photographs. With this he, along with his beautiful fiancée, have gained international recognition with the help of the social networks such as instagram.

Meanwhile in Pakistan

The couple at the Big Ben, London

It started off with Osmann documenting his travels around the world. With a woman like Nataly, its no wonder he wouldn’t leave her behind. Sick of his constant need to photograph everything, Nataly took his hand and began dragging him on. Osmann saw an opportune moment, and clicked a picture that has now become the envy of so many.

Through that he now creatively documents his travels around world with this approach in his series “Follow Me To”. With her back turned, never revealing her face to the camera, Osmann’s fiancée guides us all on a journey across the globe to some of the most beautiful, exotic, and radiant environments. There are also comforting and familiar settings mixed in for good measure. Whether the couple is spending a romantic evening on a gondola in Venice, having an exotic adventure in Asia, or simply going bowling, Osmann keeps a visual record of their escapades as he trails behind his beloved.

Murad & Nataly
The famous Red Square in Moscow

As beautiful as she is, it would only be fair to applaud Osmann on the exquisite detailing of the background of his pictures. He has a work life too; Osmann is an executive producer for the film company Hype Productions and started this journey in Barcelona in October 2011. He has traveled to dozens of locations from Moscow to Hong Kong and Singapore to Bali. And we are sure there are dozens more to come.


Have a look at some of the images below for good measure. And if curiosity is getting the better of you, there are a couple of pictures at the end showcasing the loving couple. Enjoy!

Murad @ The Taj
In Murad’s on words ‘It is hard to explain the emotions that you feel the first time you see the Taj Mahal through the entrance doors. It truly is one of the world’s best wonders.’
Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, France
Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France



What’s more romantic than a hot-air balloon flight
Lady in Red at the Red Square, Moscow

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Murad  recently published his work and the book is available for purchase on Amazon

Finally the couple reveal themselves.

Murad & Nataly
Murad & Nataly

Murad & Nataly