Google Doodles for Pakistan

Google Doodles for Pakistan:


Google has set an interesting trend of proclaiming events across the world, with its customary Doodles. A Doodle is a special alteration of the Google logo that is designed to honor different occasions, achievements and people. In recent years the tech-giant has reached Pakistan, and is posting one of its custom-made logos, celebrating it for the nation.


Check out some of the most elegant Google-Doodles designed for Pakistan:

Doodle 2011

google doodle,meanwhile in Pakistan

This simple independence greeting doodle went viral on 14 august 2011. It has featured the historical landmark of Minar-e-Pakistan-an iconic victory symbol for the nation, along with the moon-star graphics. Together they portrayed the true legacy of  Pakistan in mystical green shades.

Doodle 2012


It was the first time, when the Pakistani culture caught in the limelight by Google. The vibrant doodle was posted on 14 august 2012 that showcases famous “Truck Art” of Pakistan. It is designed beautifully with sparkling shades to render the true essence of the country.

Doodle 2013


In the year 2013 the inspiration for doodle came from the national animal of the country-“Markhor”. It is designed well with some perfect moon-star inclusion on the top, where the Markhor graphic has depicted the google logo.

Doodle 2014


In case you’ve forgotten, Google has represented National Monument of Islamabad in its doodle as well. It happened on 14 august 2014, when the world has been introduced to the beautifully crafted landmark. It is a stunning blooming flower architecture that symbolizes the unity and strength of Pakistan.

Doodle 2015

google 2015

The doodle became bigger, when it has depicted amazing Lahore Fort, locally referred to as Shahi Qila. It is a citadel in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. The structure is dominated by Mughal architecture and Persian gardens that lits-up beautifully in the eve.

Honor Payed to the Legend


Recently google has made a praiseworthy effort by celebrating the 67th birthday of the legendary Pakistani singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He was a musical maestro, who have composed some phenomenal tunes that are recognized internationally. Truly! It is an absolutehonor for our entire nation.