5 things I love about Karachi


1. Your Friends are your extended Family
Karachiites are warm people by nature. Though there are many myths about Karachi Walas in other cities but the truth be told they are nothing like what people think in Lahore and Islamabad, i.e neither Dumb nor Snobs, they are just too humble to avoid giving you the benefit of doubt. You will make great friends here instantly that would keep you company for the rest of your lives.

2. You will lose weight – in a good way
Being a metropolis you will get used to of the city but not right away, it would certainly take some time; especially adjusting to the water, but once you are past that the busy routine and the fast paced life will keep you in tone. Yes you will witness many in Karachi with a round belly but trust me when I tell you that put them in any city of Pakistan and they will weight twice as much as without doing anything extra. It’s a heaven for fitness conscious people.

3. Karachiites can survive in any metropolis of the world
Well Karachi is as tough as Pakistan gets and as ripe as it can be in any city of the country. Being the largest metropolis of the country where has its tolls it offers real life experiences you would never get in Lahore or Islamabad. Not that these cities don’t have anything to offer you but certainly not what Karachi has to offer from its Literature Circles to the Art Movements and from Political Awareness to the civic sense – though some would argue on this but still – the city trains you really well to survive in any metropolis of the world.

4. The city that never sleeps
One thing that you would miss anywhere else in Pakistan is the mantra of Karachi, the city of lights, and for a good reason because the city literally never sleeps, like EVER! Unless of course there is a “Namaloom Afraad” situation going on in the city you would find the city open and ready to serve it’s dwellers around the clock. You would find anything and I mean literally anything at any hour of the night, yes you would need to travel a bit and yes it would come with a price but stop whining it doesn’t get any better than this, Cheers!

5. Diversity of Pakistan in One City
It’s not only the largest metropolis it is also the industrial hub of the country thus attracting thousands every year in their respective seasons to find their bread and butter in the city. It takes a bit of observation and at times none at all to see the diversity of the cultures you find in Karachi that’s absent in any other part of the world. You would meet people from every province and every corner of the country here in Karachi and if you manage to get past your initial biases and actually meet them you would find that they are not any different than the original dwellers of the city.

Well I must say there is a lot of negative vibe about Karachi but once you start living in this city you would absolutely love it here despite all odds.