Dr Adib Rizvi – An institution in himself

Dr. Adib Rizvi

Dr Adibul Hasan Rizvi – An institution in himself

Dr. Adib Rizvi

Recently the Sindhi Association of North America (Sana) presented a ‘lifetime achievement award’ to renowned surgeon Dr Adibul Hasan Rizvi. This award was presented to him on establishing the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation better known by Karachiites as SIUT.

Dr. Rizvi was bestowed upon this latest award at the Karachi Press Club where he stated that “SIUT’s 10 centers — nine in Karachi and one in Sukkur — are taking care of a large number of people in Sindh and other parts of the country and majority of them could not afford the cost on transplantation, dialyses and other treatment. He vowed that SIUT would continue to serve humanity irrespective of caste, creed and faith.”



So who is this Dr. Adibul Hasan Rizvi? Let’s give you a short account of this great man’s life, struggle and achievement for he is one of the true heroes of Pakistan.

Born in 1938 in Karachi he has been the recipient of Magsaysay Award but that is not the reason thousands if not millions love and respect this hero. Dr. Rizvi started SIUT with 8 beds in 1971 and he is the pioneer of kidney treatment and all related diseases in Pakistan. He started his career at the Civil Hospital Karachi and now after years of hard work he has transformed the 8 bedded facility into a medical hospital and institute that treats thousands every year from all over Pakistan.

It was Dr. Adeeb ul Hasan Rizvi’s decades of hard work, care and love of the humanity that has turned a dream come through extensive efforts. He has been working without any biases to treat the humanity in the country without caring about caste, color and sect earning the respect of millions in the country and across the world. When it comes to kidney related treatments, his name is an insignia in itself. As for the SIUT and the facilities provided there; well, Dr. Rizvi and his team provide a complete solution to most of the major issues in their respective department and help their patients going extra miles all the time. They help their patients with not only treatment but also for medicine costs and other expenses are paid by the institute.




Dr. Rizvi could have simply chosen the easier path by joining a much more lucrative and financially viable path of private practice. But this never appealed to him he says. He believed that to serve the common man he had to work with the private sector hospital. It was during his training for a fellowship in surgery in the UK where he was inspired by the NHS. It made him believe that free health care was possible.


Dr. Rizvi joined the Civil Hospital Karachi as an assistant professor in urology in 1971 upon returning from the UK. It was then with the help of small contributions from friends and well-wishers, and the combined efforts of a team of motivated doctors and medics the small urology ward began its impeccable journey to become what is now known as the renowned SUIT.

Dr. Adib RIzvi

Within few years the institute was already treating hundreds of patients with kidney dialyses. At this stage Dr. Rizvi took the leap of faith towards renal transplant, a milestone which no other medical facility in Pakistan was offering in those days.

Dr. Adeeb ul Hassan Rizvi the true robin hood of Pakistan has been awarded many times however he has never stopped to triumph over his awards and kept on serving humanity by treating the rich and taking their collaboration treating the poor of the country who cannot afford a wealthy treatment. It is people like Dr. Adeeb ul Hassan Rizvi on whose hard work our country has become Pakistan as we know it and will continue to thrive.