7 things Pakistan is better at than India


The quality of Dramas in Pakistan has always been better than the quality of Darama in India. Dramas from Pakistan have been known to show cased in the Indian drama institutes and actors such as Ghullam Mohiuddin, Waheed Muraad, Tauqeer Nasir have been known to be an inspiration throughout the Indian Drama Industry.

Fast Bowlers

Pakistani fast bowlers have always been top of the line, which is why it is not wonder that Pakistan has always had an upper hand over Indian players. Looking at a comparison of the overall Pakistan vs India matches, Pakistan has a higher number of winning games over India. The prominent line of fast bowlers who are also known to invent the reverse swing includes, Legendary Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Aqib Javed, Mohammad Amir and the latest Pakistani bowling sensation Wahab Riaz.


Although India has a huge spices market internationally and locally in Rajhistaan region the quality of Pakistani produce such as Shan & National is far better than the Indian spices. Some critics would say so far as to say that the Indian product sells only because of the community present across the globe however, Shan and National spices are more popular even among the Indians living in the Gulf and European regions.

Secret Services

The Pakistani secret service better known as ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) is known to be among one of the best in the world. However the Indian secret service RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) that once followed closely in the ranking is now far behind ISI despite having a bigger budget and a far more larger army. It has never been able to beat ISI in the International Secret Services Ranking where, ISI stands first, CIA, USA stands second, MI-6 , UK stands third, whereas RAW stands seventh after Israeli agency Mossad at fith.

Music Industry

Pakistani pop and rock music industry had been the pioneer of Pop and Rock Music in the sub continent with the rise of the bands such as Vital Signs, Strings, Jazba, Dr and Billa, Junoon, Amir Zaki in the early 90s followed by another series of bands and musicians such as Atif Aslam, Jal, E.P, Ali Noor, Meekal Hassan band, Mizraab, Aaroh and many others. These bands were not only equally accepted in India but most of these artists were invited to perform and work in India. Another important factor here are the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Abida Parveen the sufi music legends who rocked India and the worlds over the years. Now Rahet Fateh Ali Khan and Adnan Sami Khan have been working in the Indian industry for many years which is a tantamount of the quality of music in Pakistan.

Sports Products

Pakistani sports products have been famous for their quality throughout the world which is why the footballs made in Sialkot have been used in the Football World cups a number of times. The footballs made in Pakistan have been widely accepted in the world and world cups are not the only international events they are used at. Further to footballs, Pakistani sporting goods such as Cricket Kits, Badminton Rackets and Tennis Rackets are few of the examples of quality artisanship.


India in one of the countries with largest population among the world however, the rich and poor divide is far larger in India than in any other country of the world. It does not only affects the quality of life in India it has also gave way to Religious Racism, Gender Racism and Caste Systems. India is the only country where Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians are attacked throughout the year despite the fact that India boasts itself as a secular country and Pakistani was incepted on a religious ideology. The number of incidents and especially the number of deaths in Pakistan have been far lesser than those in India.