What it really takes to be a Pakistani


Pakistan ranks among one of the third world countries as far as the Global rankings and development status is concerned but actually it is not that bad altogether. I come across friends and family members living abroad or those who went abroad for work and boy they whine!  Their prejudice is so strong that at times they would not even want to look past it. They end up taking their frustrations out by blaming Pakistan for everything that’s going wrong even their relationships.

So here’s a conversation with my friend, “I hate Pakistan! You cannot do anything here.” I politely inquired what has Pakistan done to him this time, “I can’t marry her!” Still not sure how is that Pakistan’s fault I went with the flow and inquired if they are having relationship troubles. “No, it’s her damn parents dude, they wouldn’t allow her to marry me because I am not from their caste, Pakistan sucks, this only happens in Pakistan”. I was sitting there trying to figure out what to make of those thousands of relationship issues going on in India, Bangladesh heck even in U.S.A just because the guy is Christian and the lady is Jew they would not able to marry at times. Yes I know the ratio goes way up in India and then way down in U.S.A but it is happening everywhere.

Not to rant too much about the relationship stuff here let us get back to the question at hand. What does it really takes to be a Pakistani? Before we go on answering that there are certain questions, every Pakistani needs to self impose. Can you justify your ranting about the havoc it is to travel with a Pakistani passport by blaming it on the country? Before you start justifying yourself a little fact check for you, over half the population lives below the poverty line and about 80% never travel abroad.

Can you justify your senseless blaming on the system and everything that is going on in Pakistan while you are here on a family visit? It’s the people living here who face it on daily basis and trust me we are not running away from our country just because the people who lived here before us couldn’t manage to fix the country.

Can you justify the countless times you have cursed Pakistan because you were a victim of one trouble or another such as electricity shortage, poor transportation system, lack of opportunities or even corruption? Aren’t you a citizen of Pakistan who is in one way or another also responsible for what goes on in Pakistan. Yes, every single thing that goes on in Pakistan! You are not one man, you are an army in yourself if you just stop whining and start connecting with people on these issues.

I guess the question we started with is becoming somewhat rhetoric now, right? But for those who like things presented to them on a plate or in a spoon. What it really takes to be a Pakistani is the courage to stand up to a system that is not even close to perfect. It takes the hope that one day we will transform this country to the heaven it was dreamed to be. The will to do something about the system and the anarchy in the country instead of giving in to the system.

Sounds unrealistic? Well, we would not be an atomic power had Abdul Qadeer Khan thought the same, or even if Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had thought of the consequences instead of what Pakistan would achieve. I can go on quoting examples but if you haven’t got my point yet then I must say, I apologize for disturbing you in your slumber!!!