Mindless trends on Social Media


Ah, the phobia the has transformed into a million dollar business not just in Pakistan but across the globe. But, we the Pakistani people always followed Western phobias too blindly to snap out of it before it’s too late and we have already become a slave to the new norms that we adopted without thinking them through or the consequences. Our society has been a victim of such intricacies from the very inception of this country and except the selected few intellectuals that our country has managed to produce are not in abundance.

Social Media in Pakistan is a circus these days where anyone can say or do anything but the worst part is the trends that are built up on this circus are now reaching out to the content creation industry and the top two Pakistani websites are actually based on content more suitable for social media. Pakistani journalism has suffered a lot at the hands of dictators and different underdevelopment but what is going to become of it if such trends kept booming? Well, I would rather stop here then to even consider the endless idiotic possibilities.

Talking about social media where there is a lot of good work happening there such as Karachi Vines, Zayd Ali T and the likes there is a lot of distorted version of fun too such as Manhoos Billi and the likes where the sarcasm gets out of hands and limits many times over presenting not only a lot of discomfort but contributing to an essentially third grade humor disseminating it through social media.

Then comes the mindless trend following such as the Pakistani version of “Ice Bucket Challenge” what was supposed to be a charity chain turned out to be a source of macho-ism, mindless ridicule and winding up each other by the time it reached Pakistan. Well, folks things may be a source of humor for you when you twist and turn them around but trust me it is not doing any good to anyone because something that is initiated globally gets everyone’s attention and when you turn them into a mess they get noticed globally.

Alright so I think I am whining too much about the mindless trends, sharing, posts and pages on the social media but trust me guys I have had my good days and bad days with social media but it was not until recently I realized that our true potential is getting wasted in these mindless exercises. There is so much more in the development of the country that we could or rather the administrators and disseminaters of such mindless crap could achieve within the same given time. We all need a little humor every now and then but it’d be best if we draw a line between humor and street language, humor and mindless social media following and do something that would actually drive change.