5 things I love about Islamabad


Margalla Hills

Well, the geography of Pakistani Capital is set on something none other capital may have been across the globe. Yes, none other than the Margalla Hills, the city is built near the hills providing lots of outdoors opportunities to the citizens and the visitors. The hierarchy of the city is also based on the distance from Margalla hills but another interesting fact is the Hiking Tracks the place has to offer, they are breath taking and thus everyone enjoys them to the core. The running joke in the city is about the distance from Margalla Hills and towards Rawalpindi, the closer you are better the living standards.


Probably it’s the only major city that enjoys all four seasons and to their fullest. June and July as are hot as they get in any other part of the country but winter is just as chilled as it gets owing to the high altitude (1700 feet) of the city. Autumn and spring in Islamabad are very visible as the place gets stripped and then laden with the leaves and the flowers giving the dwellers a true connection with nature. Unlike, Karachi, Lahore or any other city this is something that you cannot buy with money.


Monal is a restaurant sitting on top of the Potohar, nestled against the Margalla Hills, and looking over the plains of Peshawar and Lahore. Monal bridges the gap between the late 60 development of Islamabad and it’s disconnect with the culture and traditions of centuries found in Karachi and Lahore. The view looks over the city from Pirsoahawa Road and gives you goose bumps while you wine and dine at the city’s best restaurant.


Well, for the Islamabadis reading we are not talking about F-10 Markaz that’s not the only Markaz in Islamabad so please get over it already? Well, the idea of Markaz is based on the notion of ease of access to markets in every sector. Every sector has its own Markaz may that be E, F, G or I. However, F-10 Markaz is the epicenter of all major shopping activity in the city. It is laden with restaurants and shopping spots that caters to all Islamabadian needs and weeds, oops sorry not the weed you would have to find your own “Markaz” for that but yes you may be able to find that too.


One thing that has always been overlook when we talk about Islamabad are the universities in the city. The universities there are among the best in the country, it is indeed a long list with some of the most prestigious intitutions not just in Pakistan but in Asia as well such as: College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, COMSTATS Institute of Information Technology, Institute of Space Technology, National Defence University and National University of Modern Languages. These institutes cater not only to the local students but also receive a large number of International Students every year especially from the Middle Eastern and Gulf Region.