7 Places you won’t believe exits in Pakistan

Gorakh Hill


Yes, the picture above is not of a place in the Western Hemisphere of the world but in Pakistan. It is non other than Gorakh Hill the highest point in Sindh situated at 5668 feet among the Kirthat Mountain near Dadu city. The beautiful surroundings and the elevation attracts many tourists however the place is still very undermined due to lack of Government interest. It could be transformed into a better tourism spot especially in these critical days.

Neelum Valley


Neelum Valley is one of the most talked about valley’s in Pakistan and not without a reason. Situated in the North & North-East of Muzzaffarabad it runs paralle to the Kaghan Valley. Some say it was the Shimla Valley in the Indian held Kashmir that posses epic beauty however others would claim that Shimla is nothing as compared to the scenic paranormic views powered by the beautiful Neelum River that runs through the heart of the city that divides the lush green grass planes and the valley itself.

Kalash Valley


Thousans of tourists visit China every year to hike through the scenic villages and moutnains however the Kalash Valley in the Chitral District of Pakistan is one of the places that gives you just as vibrating views and as complicated structures made out bamboos and wood as one may witness in China or other Asian countries. The villages give you a view of a Hollywood movie set that has been set in a sci-fi time drama taking you back into the ages with an immense sense of refreshment.

Moola Chotok


Better known as the Hidden Paradise among the Pakistani natural beauty lovers Moola Chotok lies in the heart of Balochistan in the Khuzdar District. A little over 80 km from Khuzdar city there is a waterfall Chotok in a village called Moola. The fall is a fine gorge that is on the Moola river, however the river contains a paranormic pool of tepid water, numerous springs and streams that extend into the rocky surroundings. An epic place of tourism which is unfortunately neglected due to the conditions in Balochistan.

Hingol National Park,



Located in the Makran Coastal region it lies among the terrains that mimic the western terrains we come to witness in wild west movies. However the place has a lot more to offer than the wild terrains such as; a beautiful lake, the wild life, the conservation and the Hingol Mud Volcanos. An epic place if you are a true adventure lover.

Hunza Valley


What more to say about the valley but the fact that it offers just as beautiful views as the heart of it’s people. Located in the Gilgit Biltistan region it is situated at an elevation of 8200 ft. With different sectors and town the place offers many scenic mountains such as the Diran Peak and Hunza Peak. Rich in culture Hunza is one of the most amazing places in the world.


Rakaposhi Mountain Karakoram Range


Rakaposhi Mountain
For the true adventure and natural beauty lovers we also have a piece of Swiss beauty in Pakistan that offers you everything from a ski spot to a climbing spot and the campin spots. Standing at a height of 25,551 ft Rakaposhi is one of the worlds heighest peaks near Gilgit and Indus River.