Mike Horn – Here’s what I love about Pakistan

Swiss explorer and adventurer Mike Horn visits Pakistan to climb the K2, which he refers to as the Mountain of Mountains.

Here’s Mike’s video “What I love about Pakistan”


Unfortunately for Mike this time around luck was not on his side.

This is what Mike had to say on his return to the base camp after an successful attempt to conquer the summit.

“We are back down from our summit attempt.

Last night I was sitting in front of my tent looking up at the mountain that stamped its effect on my life.

Base camp is not exactly where we want to be, but I am satisfied that we gave it our best shot. Even more important, we tried with everything we had.

I often speak of failure as a big part of my life. Nothing I do is a sure thing, otherwise I would not be doing it; not knowing if, or if not, is the most exciting aspect of my life, In fact I have built my life on the chance of failure, because then, each time you do something, you have to do your best!”

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