Symbols of the Culture!

The culture of Pakistan is very diverse; with each ethnic group deriving its identity from its characteristics cultural values and norms which eventually makes it distinct from others. Pakistan is a blessed country with a variety of cultures in its provinces, be it a lingual aspect or attire, food or whatever “Culture is the cornerstone of the civilized society.”


SUKKUR, PAKISTAN, NOV 18: Peoples buying traditional Sindhi Ajrak to celebrate Sindhi  Topi Ajrak Day in Sukkur on Friday, November 18, 2011. (Asif Memon/PPI Images).

Ajrak: Sindhis have a special feeling and association for the ajrak and they use Ajrak from cradle to grave. They also wear it without any status barrier on festive occasions like birth, marriage, and death.


Henna: The Arabic name of mehndi is Henna. Mehndi culture is originated from subcontinent, it is very old culture. Mehndi is implemented on hands, feet and head. It has very cool fragrance. Henna is a proper custom in Pakistani wedding cultures. Henna is very common cultural element of Pakistan and is admired by the female part of Pakistani society.


Flag: The flag was approved by Constituent Assembly on 11 August, 1947. Syed Amiruddin Kidwai designed this flag. The flag is a green field with a white crescent moon and five-rayed star at its center, and a vertical white stripe at the hoist side.


Folk Dresses: Punjabi Cultural Salwaar Kameez is consequently famous due to reliability and the most of the designers work on such designs and patterns because it has plenty of room and margin to design, modify and to feed it with thread embroidery etc. ALLAH gifted all the four seasons to Punjab and in every season salwaar kameez always be a preferred clothing of both women and men.


Basant: Basant Festival is celebrated with pomp and show in mid February every year in Lahore. In other words this is the spring festival. Lahore is becoming the main focal point for the celebration of this festival in Pakistan. People traditionally fly kites on the roofs of their buildings.


Balochi Sajji & Lahore Tikka: Sajji is a native dish and a cultural food of Balochistan. It is the most famous dish of Balochi cuisine. It consists of whole lamb, in skewers (fat and meat intact), marinated only in salt, then roasted over coals. In addition, the lahori tikka is also famous globally and served as a typical Pakistani dish abroad, with add ons. It has also made to the menu of several international restaurants.

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The Rickshaws & Mini Buses

If there’s one thing that the west identifies the most about the east, it is the embellished and vibrant rickshaws and mini buses. Infact, there are a lot many museums and public places in new York and London where the traditional Pakistani mini bus and rickshaw have been put up as a display of art work.